Science Fair Display Board

Science FairIn your display you will need to include:

  • Title
  • Purpose
  • Background Information/Research
  • Question or Problem
  • Hypothesis
  • List of Materials
  • Procedures
  • Observations/Data and Results
  • Conclusions
  • Next Time

These powerpoint templates have explanations of each of the categories. You can use one to help plan your presentation.  You may use a computer to show your powerpoint during the fair, and you may also print out the slides to post on your display board.

Science Fair Experiment PPT Template

Science Fair Model & Demo PPT Template

It might also be helpful to look at examples from Discovery Education and Science Buddies of how to organize and decorate your presentation. Another website has helpful hints on how to plan and set up your Display Board.  Also check out Science Buddies’ gallery for how your board might look.


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